Vivienne Westwood brings ‘Fash-mob’ to LFW


If there was one designer to bring politics to London Fashion Week, it would be the one and only Dame Vivienne Westwood. She showcased a ‘fash-mob’ at her SS16 Red Label show. A series of passionate protestors in shimmering makeup flaunting their SS16 to the runway. 


In recent years, Westwood’s campaigning has focused much on the ecology of climate change, anti-fracking events, to preserve the rainforests and now her latest campaign she is part of which is called Politicians R Criminals. She has worked in many areas which of whom have had achievable goals, you can follow the chronicles on her website Climate Revolution.


Before the show even began, Vivienne was seen outside the University of Westminster with the mob, all the way to the catwalk demonstrating by holding placards with things saying “Austerity is a crime”, “climate revolution” and “fracking is a crime”.

Models/activists asked “What can we do?” Vivienne said “You’ve got to demonstrate!

The styling was absolutely what a nonconformist would do—all smeared panda-like eyes and sleep-in-a-tree hair, there is no other way to describe the clothes other than signature tartan.

Fashion shows for Vivienne have always been to speak about her beliefs through fashion.



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