Review: Kiko Milano Makeup Haul

Kiko Shot One
Hey guys! Finally I can bring myself around to blogging – caught up with other things. This time I bring to you my online shopping splurge at Kiko, with the Black Friday deals that passed us last month who could resist 30% off all products?I certainly couldn’t. It was buy 3 products get 3 free in store but I really cannot stand the hustle and bustle in a crowded environment – ‘nuh uh honey not my thing’.

To those who have no idea what Kiko is, let me tell you in one word; AMAZING. That doesn’t quite cut it but it’s an Italian make up brand which is affordable and the quality of makeup is pretty impressive – money well spent. I’ve been wearing their lipsticks/lip pencils for almost a year and I love them!

This time round I decided to opt for the following (refer to image below);
– Unlimited Foundation in Warm Beige 110
– Skin Evolution Concealer in Natural Beige 02
– Smart Lip Pencil in Brick Red 704
– Smart Lipstick in Rosewood 913
– Super Colour Mascara in Charcoal 08
– Precision Eyebrow Pencil in Charcoal 01

Kiko Cosmetics

Unlimited Foundation 

When it comes to foundation I usually look for a medium to full coverage, with Kiko it doesn’t quite live up to my usually coverage base expectations as it’s low to medium coverage. With the flaw aside, the foundation comes in a wide range of shades with different undertones. To my dismay, I decided to risk it with the Black Friday online discount and picked the shade in Warm Beige 110 – most certainly not my colour and very dark. Please note always check colours in store before online purchases. The foundation’s texture is lightweight, not as cake-like a tad dewy with shine, similar to Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk foundation. For end results if you require a flawless full coverage look, this Kiko foundation does cover dark circles, redness and any uneven pigmentation on the face once built up for the perfect finish – so a winner in that context. To get the perfect colour I decided to go to Kiko in Trafford Centre to pick out another foundation in Neutral 30, the Universal Hydrating Foundation which is very similar and created the shade to suit my skin tone. The Universal Hydrating Foundation used on it’s own, I would recommend it as an everyday foundation, it’s pretty light and natural.


Hydrating Foundation in Neutral 30

Skin Evolution Concealer

This is the ultimate holy grail of concealers, no legitly it is. I literally cannot live without this concealer – it’s a matter of life and death when it comes to covering circles. It’s texture is light and creamy. It glides on well, the only downfall is there’s not enough of it but luckily I have access to a Kiko store locally. I truly love it every single time I use it either before I apply my foundation or on top – works wonders both ways during application. I apply it straight from the stick and then I blend it with my fingers or, when I want to feel like a pro, with a beauty blender (which takes yonks). Applying and blending is really easy especially when you’re in a rush in the morning.

Precision Eyebrow Pencil

The fine pointed pencil allows you to follow the shape of your brows to be outlined and  being able to fill in any spaces where you have less eyebrow hairs – evening and shaping out. I picked out the colour Charcoal 01 as I have very dark brows, it has a slight grey undertone which stops it looking too harsh leaving a natural finish. How great is that! Enough product – sharpener included. It has great similarity with the Kevin Aucoin eyebrow pencils, so if you’re looking for a knock-off product to do a similar job then this pencil is the one.

Super Colour Mascara

This mascara actually comes in 7 shades, I chose the Charcoal as I prefer a natural eyelash colour to match. The wand is in standard size – any normal kind of wand size. I’ve tried it several times, unfortunately I probably won’t be opting for another Kiko mascara anytime soon. For me personally it irritated my eyes, leaving them to water and itch. If you want your eyelashes to look wow, you’d have to coat several times for a grand finish to show you have actual eyelashes – it didn’t do justice for me.

Super Colour Mascaras

7 shades of the Super Colour Mascara by Kiko. Image not my own.

So this leads me onto my final two products which are the Smart Lip Pencil in ‘Brick Red’ – which is a matte nude brown/pink. Very natural and perfect for an everyday wear colour. I paired this with the Smart Lipstick in ‘Rosewood’ which complements it well. I love natural looking lip pencils and lipsticks, these by Kiko are reasonably priced and perfect for everyday wear without worrying about the costs like wearing a Tom Ford, Mac etc. I’m not quite sure if you guys would agree or not but expensive lip products can be costly if you wear them for a daily makeup look.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul and mini reviews on the products I purchased. Do leave a comment below if you have any feedback or would like to share your favourite Kiko products.



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