Meet the Treasure Maker

British jewellery designer Rosie May Hoffman is the new ‘in thing’ at the moment, with her new collection X & Y to launch this year. Here is why you should keep your eyes peeled on her designs.

Spontaneity, curiosity, interaction and narrative are all one at the heart of the Treasure Maker.

What you need to know about Rosie?

Based in East London, graduating from the Birmingham School of Jewellery she has smashed the industry in the past two years with her signature style; Treasure Maker. Her achievements have beyond exceeded expectations;

– Winner of Hot 100 by Professional Jeweller 2015.
– Winner of the selected new talents for KickStarter Program at IJL (the largest UK Jewellery Trade event).
– Nominated for the New Designers of the Year for the Jewellery Awards.

Luckily for me I was able to get my hands on pieces from the Talis Collection. At the heart of Rosie May’s identity and where customisation and interaction come into play.

image 3

Talis comes from the word talisman: an object which harnesses magical and spiritual properties. Each piece can be strung, stacked and interconnected creating a collection with endless possibilities. Elements interact with one another in different ways, creating a mechanical elegance. The nature of the necklaces allows for endless possibilities creating one off configuration for a desirable unique piece of treasure. Discover an exciting, dynamic concept of component-based jewellery offering you a personal treasure, as well as a life-long investment.

“My New Collection is exploring the same concept as Talis, yet introducing new elements that explore my inspiration from the city. I am taking on two simple shapes that I see on a daily basis, linking the mathematics in nature and a play on design and architecture; Circles and Triangles. These two shapes will work in harmony together, playing their own part in the design, making for a modern and minimal look, different to my original work that was more inspired by the nature I was surrounded by as a child. I intend to achieve a refined and well considered collection with hidden intricacies.”

Necklace; Talis Collection. £350

The Talis Necklace is constructed using a stainless steel bar on which the elements rotate creating a truly mechanical and tactile piece of jewellery. There is the option to get your own unique necklace made up along with add new elements to the necklace at a later stage, please contact us directly if your interested. You can chose the orientation of the necklace, on a vertical or horizontal chain. Both chains are available to purchase.


Earrings: OneElement Studs. £70

These are delicate and striking studs, perfect as an everyday favourite. Fits the lobe of the ear perfectly. No butterfly back instead a nice clip like device, keeping it secure and comfortable.



To purchase your own pieces from the Treasure Maker, visit

For limited time only use the code to get a discount RMJ16 Offer ends 01/03/16.


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