The Kiehls Experience: Manchester Store Launch

For someone who believes that skincare is the most important start/end to the day. As for many of you who know me personally or follow me on social media (mainly Snapchat), you’ll know I wear endless face masks, moisturise and cleanse skin often – usually on a low budget when I purchase brands.

A little vague History about Kiehls, 160 years ago in 1851 Kiehls situated New York East Street’s Village at the time was an apothecary. Now Kiehls has come a very long way, owned by the Loreal Group specialising in skin, hair and body products.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Kiehls
 Manchester Boutique Launch last week, which was a new Kiehls experience on the whole for myself with little knowledge about the brand. I’ve tried Kiehls in the past and have been recommended by friends, but the price of the products are a tad out of my budget considering I go through a lot of product within a month so I barely paid attention to the brand.


Welcomed with a glass of orange juice, and greeted by Mr Bones (apologies I didn’t take an image of him). The event was in full swing with interior of the new store looking rather glam, enough space to browse and view products, test and have a consultation. A nice event to mix and mingle with fellow bloggers, a few soap stars who were there and the Kiehl’s team who gave me and fellow bloggers a tour of the room downstairs for future facials/massages Kiehl’s are offering.


The consultation was very beneficial for me, recently I’ve been having many problems with my skin around the mouth area – major dry skin alert! During my consultation with an expert from the team, I had my cheek and forehead swatched, the results showed dry to normal skin. I then was shown, given a step by step demonstration of what products would be beneficial for my skin and how to cleanse, moisturise properly.

Shown above in the picture are the products for my skin that I need to invest in. From left to right Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Facial Wash, Ultra Facial Toner, Powerful Strength Liner-Reducing Corrector, Midnight Recover Concentrate and the Ultra Facial Moisturiser. I tried and tested products on my hand to gain the feel of what the result of the end product will be like on my face. The Kiehl’s consultant did a step by step guide on what should be my daily skincare regime.

1) Apply a pea-size of the Calendula Foaming Facial Wash onto my face, rubbing into skin in a circular motion.
2) Ultra Facial Toner, is post cleansing and to tone keep face dehydrated and give life to the skin.
3) The final step I was told, essential for mornings was to apply the Ultra Facial Moisturiser to lock in moisture and be hydrated throughout the day.

The other two products are mainly for a nightime skincare routine, but post toner without the Ultra Facial Moisturiser and instead replaced with the Powerful Strength Liner Reducer and Midnight Recover Concentrate to bring back radiance skin by the morning. I believe my face will be as soft as a baby’s bum, but the skincare routine and time consumption could mean less beauty sleep.


Just a quick outfit of the day shot

Nafisa, a blogger I’ve met at a previous event was also there and I met two lovely new bloggers Luke and Kat, Luke a Male Grooming expert, and Kat who’s a freelance MUA as well as a Youtuber. It was nice to meet others in a competitive field sharing and discussing ideas, techniques and interests. We’re all hoping to plan a facial/lunch day to get much more of an insight to the Kiehls private massage room.


To end the event, we were given a Kiehls exclusive goodbag, which I well write a separate post on soon reviewing the sample products. The products in their are pretty cool, I am super excited to try and use them!


For now I bid all my readers farewell, as I have a lot to do! Thank you for reading my posts, please do share, like and follow/subscribe for many exciting news.


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