What to expect at a Press Showroom appointment?

Image 4 CWAs a blogger, a former Public Relations (PR) intern Press Showrooms are much more relaxed than normal press events, and launch parties etc. I have attended many different types of events in the past and believe me when I say this events do take the energy out of you. Let me give you a little insight to what a Press Showroom Day is really like, each Showroom depending on the PR company is usually different depending on the brands they represent. 

Image 7 CW
From experience showrooms are usually booked via appointments, some without but they’re very relaxed and you get a run through each brand in detail with press releases (for extra info) and images, high resolution images are a MUST! I cannot emphasise enough on how important they are as a blogger, blurry/ poor quality images just don’t quite cut it if you want to take blogging seriously as a future portfolio reference or as an online business.

Based in Canary Wharf, to shock how can a fashion related showroom be here? It was a great, part-tourism day. It started off with a photoshoot, see below image.

Image 8 CW

Inside 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf

Image 3 CWWe were foreseen by reception who had our press passes and shown where to go, what floor.Greeted with a friendly smile, the Creative Director of Purplestone PR Bridget and her assistant (I forgot her name, how unprofessional of me) introduced themselves and me and my friend introduced ourselves, meeting someone for the first time after liaising via email is very important you build rapport with the company and they call you back etc for future events, shows etc.

Inside Purplestone’s office were brands like Fee Uhssi, an ethical luxury fashion designer and I immediately fell in love with the pieces, each had one size thing going on – so women of all sizes from 6-18 can wear the items. How awesome! That’s something I’ve never come across before and I like different, something with a niche. There were 3 other brands; skincare/candles brand Jeunvie, jewellery brand Nakibirango and hat range by Ricalcye. I will be writing separate features on the brands to introduce you all in much more depth, do keep your eyes peeled.

Image 5 CW
As we left, spending a good few hours taking images of brands, chatting, going through brands the inspiration behind them and the startups, both me and Zohra (my blogger friend) received goodybags with a Jeunvie candle and Ricalcye beanie hat which had it’s own inner Kayne going on.

Image 9 CW
Post-showroom visit, I was parched and famished with hunger so a lovely lunch at Wildwood was on the cards before going back to Manchester. I hope you’ve had a little insight to what it’s like please feel free to share your experiences below in the comments.


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