Muslim by Design Cards

As a self-confessed over-thinker Salma, Founder of Muslim By Design spends far too much time finding the “perfect gift”. Exhausted searching in all avenues when it came to beautiful, modern Eid greeting cards to accompany gifts for friends she decided to begin her very own business for like-minded Muslims. It is of no surprise, I similarly believe Salma is right when it comes to the significant Muslim population in countries like the UK, America etc. It is complex to find the perfect greeting card/wrapping paper that is beautifully designed yet modern. 

In talks with Salma I asked  a few questions as to gain more knowledge of her venture, and lucky enough to show you her beautiful designs, with Islamic puns she sent out to me. 

How long do the cards take to make?

​The cards take on average two weeks from an idea in my head to an actual product ready to be posted to someone special. I jot down any ideas that I have and then tweak them over time to get the wording just right. Then i spend some time playing around with the design to make it visually appealing without taking too much away from the words themselves. This usually involves quite a few late nights fuelled by coffee and excitement of the idea coming to life. I then share my designs with my husband who provides honest and constructive criticism and tweak some more until it’s just perfect and ready to go be printed.

Where do you get your inspiration for the designs on the cards? 

​I keep a notebook and several notes on my phone with ideas for new designs  whenever they strike and then work on them, playing around with the wording, bouncing ideas off my husband and sisters until I come up with something that I love. I also love browsing stationery and home stores for design inspiration.

What’s your fave card design this far?

​It’s tough to pick just one but one of my favourites has to be the “Half your deen” card as it is the perfect marriage (pun intended) of adorable and funny.

Were there any obstacles during the journey of progressing the Muslim by Design business? 

​Being an entrepreneur is never easy and there have been many challenges in trying to make my ideas come to life. However; the biggest challenge for me is balancing Muslim By Design alongside a full time job in the City as it is difficult to find the time to make it all happen. Alhamdulillah, I have managed to teach myself the basics of design, finding suppliers, and figuring out what works and what doesn’t but it is very much a work in progress and there is more to learn in order to grow. 

She has recently launched her Mother’s Day collection on her site, for more visit and enter the code SUMAIRAHUSSAIN to get 20% off your first order, offer ends 31/03/2016.

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