Skincare Game with Jeunvie

Is your skin a problem? Is stressing, showing on your face as acne, and stressing you out more?

No one understands skin suffering more than Maria Delray, Founder and creator of the brand Jeunvie after being diagnosed with diffuse systemic  cutaneous scleroderma. SCS is a severe auto immune disease that causes hardening of the skin, hyper pigmentation and swelling, as well as redness and dry itchy skin. Unable to use counter or prescription products on her skin, Maria decided to take matters into her own hands and reclaim some control of her body.

As well as a skincare range, her candles specifically formulated to combat stressed skin and dermatogical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. All products are made of nothing but natural ingredients, the Moisturising and Aromatherapy candles function on the basic principle that good or bad, the skin absorbs everything we apply to it. It follows logic then that direct application of a relaxing agent such as an aromatherapy candle should transfer its soothing properties into the skin.
Jeunvie Therapy RangeIt seems that relaxation is so often sold as a luxury that we forget that it is actually essential to maintaining the health of our mind, body and skin. Perhaps the real luxury is being able to forget in the first place. Suffering from skin problems is a constant reminder that our hormones are out of balance but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are out of our control.

After experimenting with only natural ingredients and yielding positive results beyond her expectations, she concocted oils and elixirs for her three acne-prone teenagers, as well as friends and family. What she has now is not just a skincare range but a legacy that can help others with skin problems that go deeper than the epidermis, positively impacting on mental and emotional well-being.

It forces us to ask the question, if no chemical counter products are safe to use on a sufferer of a dermatological disease, are they really safe for anyone?



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