Reflections by Felix Bendish

021Bringing his statement accessories to Fashion Scout 2016, Felix  Bendish celebrates his favorite city – London. With it being a city of individualism and inclusiveness his pieces from the collection ranging from handbags, neck pieces, earrings and belts Bendish ignited humour at the London Fashion Week show.

Bendish believes that being bombarded with so much negative energy and conflicted goings-on in our hyper-tech world that NOW is the time to pause, look into a ‘funny mirror’, laugh at and embrace at your inner self, a caricature of yourself – a touch of the exaggerated. A bit twisted yet not grotesque vision of yourself with an easy “smile-a-while” reflection of ourselves and the world around us.

Using fine digital printing his nickel-free and painstakingly handcrafted, bejeweled accessories lend a polish to his inked caricatures of London and Londoners. Set against a backdrop of garments dyed from wintry Hampton dark black greys to deep blues, these pieces tell a story, make a statement – lightly, in jest.


Felix’s signature style is defined by the elimination of excess along with strong Asian influences, traditional and historical designs blending with real fashion.

“It is absolutely important that one wears outfits that suit their personality!” – Felix Bendish

Bendish’s label was launched in 2001 as his in-house design studio in Mumbai, where exquisite handmade embroidered clothing & accessories are created for his personal clientele, Bollywood films, Television and Beauty pageants .Every piece showcases quality, finish and flawless workmanship, while keeping international forecasts, trends and colors in mind. Bendish currently exports to Fashion houses in America, Japan, United Kingdom, and the Middle-East.



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