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Sumaira Hussain

Miss Fashionista is something I was called for many years but my name is Sumaira Hussain. An aspiring fashion lover who is at the University of Salford studying BA Journalism.  Eager to pursue a career in fashion journalism and hopes to write articles for fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar etc.

Blogging is something that occurred to me whilst at University, reading many blogs by the inspirational bloggers like Bryan Boy, Susie Bubble inspired me to create my own, I was invited by Susie to attend the Hermes Silk Ball in 2014 where I met her. A field that is nothing but competitive today but something that helps me engage and talk to my readers about my personal hobbies.

So what inspired me?  Fashion which appears in Music videos, and films, the film premieres and most importantly celebrities on the red carpet. Yes we all dream of being at these events but who says we cant achieve these looks on a cheaper budget making outfits from high-street stores look as expensive and classy. My background is of a Pakistani-Muslim heritage which has added to my inspiration for fashion wanting to rebel against the culture and the whole being modest and covering the naked flesh to eye. I love all kinds of fashion and materials especially cultural fashion and its history concept ranging from African tribal prints, silks from Nepal, cotton and nylon from Pakistan, embellished pieces from India, Arabic kaftans.. The list could go on forever but travelling has added to my fashionable experiences which have ranged from attending LC:M, the Hermes Silk Ball, backstage with Toni and Guy at certain shows.

“The pursuit for fashion has withstood the tests of time, the warmth of a warming globe. With finesse, diverse and more revealing pieces still drape fashionistas. To Paris, Milan, high fashion couture, I will express my rich tastes and authencity in designer wear as well as high street Fashion. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. Stylishly marinating you in Fashion, fierceness and fabulocity” – Sumaira Hussain.

I have contributed my time to Asiana MagazineDee Vesali PublicityPlaying Fashion Magazine, Quays News, online trend-setter Bonafide Supernova and most recently I finally bagged an internship with British Vogue.

Bragging rights: Sumaira has met many inspirational individuals during her time at University some of whom include italian celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, TV presenter/host Jake Humphreys, hair stylist Nicky Clarke, fashion designer Jonathan Saunders, Parisian designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, model David Gandy, Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine Louise Court, Susie Bubble (fashion blogger and stylist) and most importantly her role model Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue Editor).

So how does this explain my personal style? I will let you be the judge.


14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Tatiana Djovic says:

    You are going to be veru successful in the future dear. You are a really lucky fashionista who has met these people. Keep it up and good luck.

    • Why thank-you.. always express yourself when writing your writing about yourself as it gives the audience an insight to who your are and your personality should shine through!

  2. Sumaira Hussain says:

    Hey! Cool blog, my name is the same as yours haha, but do you know the meaning of sumaira? 😛 I’m having some troubles finding the true meaning of my name :/ hopefully you as my name sister can help me out! 😀

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